Monday, December 27, 2010

theyyam trip

First thing they asked me, “Are you going to the moon?"

to be continued...

ohhh.. Despicable Me!

How to ruin a wonderful book?

step 1
Make it too personal for other’s to draw (this avoids good sketches from them!)

step 2
Then use a medium you’re completely ignorant about...

step 3
More such doodles that you can claim its psychotropic and get away with any deformities!

step 4
Doe eyes always works

step 5

some random doodling in my awesome sketchbook...

Targa sequence!

Alibagh-Ahmedabad-Alibagh, a documentary by my friend
and i did these for the credit sequence

phlegmingo season

As my friend said, ‘my nasal creek is full of PHLEGMINGOES!'

for the love of cats!

i have no beef with them, but they seem to hate me :(